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Newborn Baby

My Services

I am proud to partner with Nature's Playhouse to provide office visits and a cozy space for classes and workshops. All individual services and classes can also be conducted virtually from the comfort of your own home.

Prenatal Preparation

Group and private prenatal consults available. Learn the basics of establishing a strong milk supply, proven techniques for comfortable latching and positioning, and choosing the right breast pump for your needs.

Pumping Support

Hands on pumping fitting, orientation to your pump, and custom pumping schedule. Great for when you are heading back to work, planning for exclusive pumping, or preparing to induce lactation or relactate.

Introducing Solids

Confidently transition your infant to a diet that includes finger foods, purees, and human milk or formula. Learn the basics about infant and toddler nutrition and how to maintain your milk supply through it all.

Lactation Support

Individualized care for any lactation or infant feeding issue including: sore nipples, milk supply, painful latch, exclusive pumping, feeding multiples, medically complex infants (including preemies and NICU grads), weaning, tongue/lip tie and more.

Pricing & Insurance

At this time all individual and group services are private pay. Initial office visits are $175 and follow up visits are $135. I will provide you with a superbill receipt that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Please refer to Nature's Playhouse for fees regarding group classes.


Each individual visit is approximately 60-90 minutes and includes a health history for both the lactating parent and baby, physical assessment, and hands on support with nursing and/or pumping. At the end of each visit we will discuss your options and co-create a customized care plan to meet your feeding goals. Follow up text support via secure messaging is always available.

What My Clients Say

Baby's Grasp


When I learned at my 20 week anatomy scan that my child would be born with a facial cleft, Emily was the first person I reached out to. Her prenatal lactation course was eye opening and built up my confidence that no matter the challenges our child's cleft could pose, I would be able to feed my baby the way I always wanted to.

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